My name is Jayce Salez.
I'm .


As an artist, my work takes the form of a collection of protocoles which borrow specificities and semantic elements from science-related disciplines like cartography, architecture or astronomy. The rigorous application of these protocoles produces results that may seem absurd, but they are just as much pretexts for exploring the world, both physically by moving in space, and mentally through the projection of imagination and personal experience.

Heimat 2015-2016

L'expression de la recherche du "chez-soi" qu'on a quitté



This part can either host ongoing projects or formless experiments with no clear objective. It could be seen as a digital laboratory or a dematerialised workshop.


L’objet du projet CityScapes est de proposer une réappropriation des espaces de transition dans la ville (la rue, les voies de circulation) par le jeu.

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Volume 2

Le second volume du Répertoire Numérique et Chronologique de Souvenirs, cette fois sous la forme d'une carte interactive.

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